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Overnight parking for students struggling with homelessness

Mary Donahue, Guest Columnist

March 26, 2019

Homeless students will be able to sleep in their cars overnight at De Anza and other community college campuses if California Assembly Bill 302 passes. Decision-makers on campus are already talking about plans to put in place before the bill becomes law. My ideas: • Since heat can build up in a vehicle qui...

A different form of independence

Maryam Golkar, Staff Reporter

March 25, 2019

Breaking away from my parents, who have always provided for me in so many ways, did not mean moving out or becoming financially independent when I first started at De Anza College. It meant taking my time at college more seriously and knowing that I was putting their money to good use. While this may n...

Student journalism: Crucial element of life at De Anza

La Voz Editorial Board

March 23, 2019

Student journalism is more than just another major. For us at La Voz News, journalism is not just something we want to pursue, but something we have to. A working government needs journalists to hold people in power accountable and everyone, specifically younger generations, must understand the importance ...

Find stress relief during finals through music

Shiri Marwaha, Staff Reporter

March 21, 2019

Instrumental music in the background helps you study better and increases productivity, especially with finals around the corner. Studying in silence is too eerie but at the same time catchy lyrics are too distracting, and the last thing you want is crucial studying hours lost. This is why jazz and cl...

Campus libertarian club poses no problem

Thomas Anthony, Staff Reporter

March 21, 2019

College campuses should be places where everyone is allowed to express their opinions, regardless of how palatable those views are to other students, staff or teachers. The Young Americans for Liberty club at De Anza College recently brought attention to itself by hosting a “Why Free Speech Matters...

Blackfishing: Social media influencers making money from cultural appropriation

Blackfishing: Social media influencers making money from cultural appropriation

Thomas Anthony, Staff Reporter

March 19, 2019

The problem of cultural appropriation has again raised its head on social media. And again ignorance and hubris have combined in dangerous quantities among social media influencers and celebrities at the fore of the issue. Blackfishing is the act of contriving to look mixed-race or black to reap whatever ben...

ESports provides a safer alternative to traditional sports

Tyson Tsoi, Staff Reporter

February 20, 2019

Competitive gaming, also known as eSports, taking over the entertainment industry is beneficial for individuals who are not physically capable to play certain sports. While physical sports can leave permanent damage on your body, eSports allows individuals who are good at video games to play competi...

Money buys happiness on Valentines Day

Miles Voci, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2019

No form of currency can buy you happiness, but when Valentine's Day comes around money is the name of the game. According to an annual report done by the National Retail Federation, Valentine's Day spending is projected to be around $20.7 billion for 2019. This tops the previous record of $19.7 bil...

Toxic masculinity infects everyone

Toxic masculinity infects everyone

Shiri Marwaha, Abhiram Rishi Prattipati, and Jamie Lamping

February 13, 2019

A mother's perspective By Shiri Marwaha Raising a boy in a world filled with masculine stereotypes and forcing norms of what men should or shouldn’t do is challenging. The past twelve years were a breeze because he was too young to notice there was a gender disparity among his relatives. But...

Are CEO presidential candidates credible?

Shiri Marwaha, Staff Reporter

February 12, 2019

CEO billionaire candidates make good presidential candidates and have a potential to be great presidents, provided their intentions are noble and their desire to serve the country is greater than their oversized egos. Multi-millionaires running for presidential elections is not a new phenomenon and...