“The Invisible Man”: Thrilling Blumhouse Production


Source: IMDb.com

Taylor Park, Staff Reporter

“The Invisible Man” yanks its audience through increasingly distressing twists and turns, disorienting what you thought you knew about the plot, leaving you squirming in your seat.

Every time I thought I had figured out the main plot of the movie, there would be an unpredictable scene that threw me off what I thought was going to happen. This is not your typical horror film.

Released on Feb. 28, this movie is rated R and was the work of Blumhouse Productions, a company known well for thrilling horror movies and collections like “The Purge” and “Insidious”.

The movie follows the main character Cecilia Kass, played by Elizabeth Moss, as she is stalked by her dead husband as he has become invisible. Director Leigh Whannell did a fantastic job choosing actors and setting up scenes that will make you cringe in your seat.

If you cannot handle horror thrillers and get scared easily, this movie might not be the one for you. This movie will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions that begins as soon as you are introduced to the opening scene.

The director made sure to keep the audience on their toes by slowly revealing the storyline throughout the movie. After a dramatic shocking scene, you start to gain perspective and kind of infer what could happen next.

“The Invisible Man” compels you to believe that Cecilia’s husband is haunting her as a spirit. This is typical for many horror films, especially by Blumhouse productions.

As the movie continues, you start to uncover there are no supernatural elements involved but realize the grim scenes are a result of technological innovation.

I would consider “The Invisible Man” to be a mystery as well as a horror movie because of the puzzling storyline and secrecy of the characters’ nature. Throughout the movie, you end up questioning what is going to happen next and will definitely end up being shocked.

There were countless scenes where I would gasp and cover my mouth with my hand in disbelief over what occurred in the movie. Even after watching the trailer and assuming I knew what was basically going to happen, I ended up being wrong and the plot took a completely different direction.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐