Nice Buns! De Anza Burger Review-Breakfast Burger


Brenna White, Staff Reporter

Whether you eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can rest assured the Breakfast Burger will obliterate your appetite in a few mouthfuls, for better or for worse.

I know many might be hesitant giving this burger a try due to its dual identity, but for those who call themselves breakfast lovers should be leaping at this opportunity for brunch. On the other hand, if you are ravenous and short on time, this heavyweight burger comes into your mouth swinging looking for the knockout.

The champion of the sandwich is inarguably found in the hash brown. It avoids the tragedy of sogginess that commonly befalls many hash browns and adds an exceptionally satisfying crunch that stands out among the more homogenous ingredients. My only complaint is that its triangular shape fails to cover the full area of the burger and therefore you aren’t guaranteed its presence in every bite. It also becomes detrimental to the structural integrity of the burger.

I would suggest to anyone eating the burger to avoid putting it down as much as possible. First due to the inevitable disintegration that follows despite the toothpick’s best efforts, and second due to the concerning pool of grease that accumulates in the bottom of the tray. From the combined nature of its parts, the Breakfast Burger demands careful attention to its drip factor and a full reinforcement of napkins.

In addition, the burger came with a bit of false advertising. The cafeteria description states that it’s served on an asiago bagel. As you can see however this was not the case. This may have been an isolated occurrence, but if you have your heart set for a bagel sandwich don’t get your hopes up.

If you couldn’t already guess, this burger relies completely on its savory attributes. Which is tasty, but it is missing acidity to counteract it. The meager spicy ketchup stands no chance against the overwhelming bacon, beef and deep-fried potato. The addition of a tomato would certainly help it all go down easier.

Ultimately, you are likely to either hate or love the Breakfast Burger. It has guilty pleasure potential for some and potential of coronary disease for others. Try it and make your own decision but consider yourself warned.