Halloween: For Children’s Eyes Only

Halloween: For Childrens Eyes Only

Steven Hall, Staff Writer

Those who celebrated Halloween as kids might remember it as a special holiday where you walk up to strangers’ houses and ask for candy.

Some might remember plotting out routes to take to get the most candy.

As the years roll by, Halloween loses its irresponsible and childish charm.

Not many people in late high school or college still go trick-or-treating. Those who do are usually either ruining it for everybody or escorting small children.

When you have your own place, there is always the danger of being egged or teepeed by some rowdy teenager or college student who had too much to drink.

But perhaps the most offensive assault on Halloween is the homogenized way in which Halloween, a holiday typically known to be about scary things and spooky instances of haunting or monsters, has become about cuteness and being as inoffensive as possible with with what we have come to expect from political correctness.

Gone are the days of fangs and fake blood, of severed heads and fairy princesses, to give way to the habitual infestation of pop culture and childish cutesy decorations designed to be more inviting than playfully frightening.

This year, the top five Yahoo searches for costumes include Ninja Turtles as number one with pirate, star wars, DC Comics’ Poison Ivy, and the generic term of “superhero” rather than any one specific superhero or superhero group.

Little has truly been left of the holiday that many of us knew when growing up, and that is the scariest Halloween prank of all.