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    North Korea is a hell on Earth; a preemptive U.S. military strike would make things worse

    It is a place where people are so hungry that children are sometimes eaten.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s a life form.

    If it’s not “pure blood”, they are aborted.

    That’s North Korea according to reports made by Inside NK, a news group dedicated to reporting what is really happening in North Korea by conducting hour long interviews of North Korean defectors.

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    Recently, North Korea officially declared that the armistice agreement between them and South Korea is invalid, ending the truce that had been put in place in 1953.

    “Throw all enemies into the caldron, break their waists and crack their windpipes,” said Kim Jong Un on (North) Korean Central Television, CNN reported.

    But, the U.S. should not spark a war with North Korea by stepping into its soil to start another active war on top of Iraq.

    About 28,500 U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea, according to the Korea Policy Institute website.

    If the U.S. goes to war, thousands upon thousands of U.S. soldiers and South Koreans will die.

    There are no benefits, and the fighting will continue until a country is brought to its knees.

    Also, the U.S. debt is already soaring from the Iraq War.

    North Koreans are taught distorted history that the U.S. is an ignorant country who seeks to control the world through violence.

    Students are taught that Americans kill South Koreans and that North Korea is doing much better than the South, said a defector in an interview by Inside NK.

    When students were asked who the U.S. was attacking at the moment, the teacher answered: “It’s clear that the U.S. imperialist cannot rest for a moment from invading other countries,” a BBC documentary “North Korea Cannibals?” reported.

    Such misunderstandings can never be resolved through violence; it only propagates the problem by twisting the misunderstanding further.

    North Koreans are born without knowing the idea of freedom, said an ex-North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea about two years ago in an interview by Inside NK.

    The ex-soldier said grade school children play a national game of whacking and stabbing pictures of American and Japanese political figures.

    They are taught at a young age that Americans and the Japanese are the enemy.

    Young children who are abandoned by parents because of the hard economy are forced to live by stealing and begging for survival, said YoungSoon, a college aged female defector.

    “It was so common, I didn’t feel scared seeing so many starving people,” she told Inside NK.

    “I simply though another person died from starvation and I could be next,”YongSoon said on Inside NK.

    North Koreans are humans too and they deserve the same freedom and rights as others.

    North Korean citizens need education and self reflection to realize that freedom exists, but just not in their country.

    Temporary solutions like throwing crumbs to a starving dog will not work.

    The first step is to allow North Korean citizens to have hope instead of fear.

    The U.S. should not think of war unless North Korea strikes first.


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