DASB Senate talks Prop 30 and the presidential campaign2 min read


James W. Baker La Voz Weekly

DASB senate member Katherine Perng discusses Proposition 30 with fellow senate members

La Voz Staff


On Wednesday September 26th, The De Anza College Associated Student Body held their first meeting of the year. Various items were discussed from Proposition 30 to the “Obama for America” campaign.

A representative from “Obama for America” O Jubilee Makanjuola, approached the DASB Senate to seek volunteers to help the Obama campaign through phone banking in evenly divided states such as Nevada and Colorado. Mr Makanjuola claimed that “Obama will win California” but Nevada and Colorado remain a “toss-up.”

Senator Karin Novak of the Administration Committee mentioned that the DASB Senate will have to remain nonpartisan in its mission to represent the entire student body. No action was taken for this information item.

Another item that was discussed was the New Student Orientation. College Life Advisor La Donna Yumori-Kaku made an urgent request for a budget of $700 for the purchase of promotional items for new student orientations. Chair of Finance Shahar Marom opined that he would be uncomfortable approving this budget in the current fiscal environment, believing that it can be put to better use elsewhere. The following discussion facilitated by President Pablo Zamorano laid out the pros and cons of purchasing promotional items. The final decision was made to not approve this budget by majority vote.

Proposition 30 was also discussed in the meeting. The DASB Senate voted to endorse Prop 30, understanding the implications if it fails to pass. Lastly, the DASB Senate voted to approve the establishment of the DASB Senate Intern position to replace the DASB Junior Senator and DASB Agent positions. Chair of Administration Calvin Ching explained that this position will allow members of the student body to get involved with the DASB Senate and provide them with the opportunity to become student leaders. Applications will be available by week 3 of fall quarter at the DASB Senate Office or the Office of College Life, and interested students are encouraged to participate in any of the DASB Senate’s open meetings.

For more information on how to get involved contact the DASB President Pablo Zamorano at 408-864-8690 or DASBPresident@deanza.edu