Deaf Town to be held June 31 min read

Rachel Schemel

De Anza is hosting Deaf Town on Thursday, June 3 from 11:30 to 1 p.m. in the Sunken Gardens. Deaf Town is an event held to raise awareness for the deaf community.

“This event is a glimpse into the world without sound,” FT Sign Language Interpreter Stacy Chapman said.

The event will include booths of activities to help shed a light into a world without sound. The booths are sponsered by local businesses.

“Once the participant has successfully completed the task,” Chapman said, “they will receive the stamp.” Stamps can be turned in for snacks, drinks, and prize.

The main trick to the activities will be the overall rule of no talking. “This is a fun event and was extremely successful,” Chapman said.

DASB Diversity and Event Committee will be collaberating with De Anza’s Deaf Services Program for this event. “Hopefully people will come out and participate,” Chapman said.