Dan Chan, the Magic Man1 min read

Rachel Schemel

With all the characters and activities of the May 13 De Anza Associated Student Body carnival, Dan Chan the Magic Man’s act stood out from the rest. Chan’s performance included card tricks, pick-pocketing the audience and juggling. His quick wit and jokes kept the crowd entertained.

Chan started performing magic when he was a kid by figuring out all the tricks done by performers at Great America theme park. He has now been doing magic shows for 10 years.

“I love playing mind games,” he said. “Magic was just an extension of that.” He has done shows for the public, as well as private shows for troops and wealthy patrons.

“I feed off the energy [the shows] create,” Chan said, “I love connecting with people.”

Chan’s wife of three years, Kat the Acrobat, was also at the DASB student carnival shaping balloons. “She can make a six foot tall princess,” Chan said.

Chan talked of how they met at a show. During a performance at a night club, “I had her put her name and phone number on a card, so I called her afterwards,” Chan said. “She doesn’t like me doing that trick anymore.”

Chan also described a story of how he got out of a ticket one night driving home from a gig. “[The officer] started mocking me and told me to do one good trick and he would let me go.” All Chan had was a few one dollar bills. Chan then turned the one dollar bills into 100 dollar bills.

Chan’s tricks and stories made him a hit at the carnival. His wife’s creations were seen all over campus throughout the day.