Fitness center weighs membership program1 min read

Students can now purchase campus gym passes

Rachel Schemel

De Anza College’s Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Center is now offering gym memberships to students in an effort to raise money for a department facing budget cuts.

The membership program, which costs $20 a month or $60 a quarter, is designed to offer students the opportunity to work out on their own time without having to take a P.E. class.

“Students who can’t add can still (work out),” said C.J. Jones, director of the fitness center.

Fitness Center memberships can be used in conjunction with other gym classes. Normally if students miss a gym class, sitting in on another class can make up for the absence. However, students may have schedule conflicts or the class may be full. But with a membership, students can ask their instructors for makeup gym time.

The membership program is also a chance for students who may not be able to afford pricier gym memberships.

Workout equipment available to students ranges from free weights to treadmills and areas for yoga and personal training sessions.

Personal sessions and advice come cost free and can be arranged to fit one’s personal schedule. The fitness center staff offers times to set up a regiment to help students’ reach their personal goals.

The fitness center will be receiving new equipment next spring.

“Feel free to come by to look or to ask me any questions,” Jones said.

Students can also enroll in PE 70A or PE 71 for gym access. After passing both classes, students can continue their membership by enrolling in PE71.

To enroll, call the community education office at (408) 864-8817 and refer to course 126 or visit