Health care and the college student life2 min read

Rachel Schemel

In the economy today, one hears a good bit about the health crisis. But the crisis doesn’t hit home until its time to get your own health insurance. There are many health insurance options for children and some are free depending on the amount of pay the parents receive. But when the child reaches the age of 19 or 21, the coverage stops. Then what?

Some insurance companies cover minors, provided they stay enrolled in school, even through the college years. But, this may come with regulations such as a required number of credits, a minimum grade point average or not taking a break during the academic year. And many companies only cover California.

As colleges have budget cuts and reduce the number of classes, they often can’t meet the student demands.

Therefore, depending on meeting the criteria may be riskey. This is when students should try and find their own coverage. Then the health insurance crisis comes to light.

The health insurance crisis is what many news stations, such as CNN and ABC News, are covering everyday. Health insurance packages are becoming less and less affordable and do not cover many with predetermined health conditions.

Monthly payments are becoming high and high, while the companies are throwing extra deductibles on almost everything. Deductibles are a portion one must pay upfront and not get reimbursed.

The government, including President Obama, are looking at regulations to cover health insurance companies and their monopolistic principles. But how do you convince a businessman to stop making so much money? People are now reacting by not getting health care until the last resort.

But not being healthy isn’t an answer. There are ways students can be covered. Many jobs offer health insurance, sometimes even taking the payments out of your own paycheck. When looking for a job, this is a good question to ask.

Kaiser Permanente, common health coverage through employers, cuts out the middleman and performs both insurance and healthcare. This includes doctors, hospital care and even prescriptions.

Another is listing you name in a search engine of health plans, or These sites offer a listing of plans and prices. Most have the details and answer any questions. But be careful, some may call you, and they call early.

Make sure you understand the plan benefits and costs before signing on to a new health plan.