Dedication to De Anza, 24/72 min read

Stacy Lane

Jeanine Hawk has a job that consumes up to 70 hours of her time each week. Nonetheless, she seems to thrive on the constant work – her voice is bursting with excitement and her e-mails are filled with exclamation marks.

As De Anza College’s vice president of Finance and College Services, Hawk’s typical week consists of 300 to 400 e-mails, countless phone messages and daily meetings. Despite all this, Hawk keeps coming back for more. Why?

“The students,” she says. “That’s what makes my job fantastic.”

Hawk’s responsibilities include college budget and personnel issues, as well as facilities, grounds, custodial, food, printing and bookstore services.

She also helps to administer Measures C and E construction, the Child Development Center, and technology, professional and work force development. In addition, Hawk somehow manages to find time to serve as the district police liaison for De Anza.

Juggling so many duties leaves little room for hobbies, so when asked what she likes to do in her free time, Hawk responds with a smile, “Nothing, since I am so busy at work!”

Being a hard worker seems to be Hawk’s style. As an undergrad, she paid her own way through UC Irvine and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social science.

After earning her master’s in business administration from Southern Oregon University, Hawk worked at Rogue Community College in southern Oregon as vice president of Business and Student Services.

Then, a little over four years ago, she came home to the Bay Area and accepted a position at De Anza.

The budget crisis and campus construction projects take up most of her time. But, she says, graduation is one of her favorite times of the year. “It serves to remind me of the importance of what we all do to support student success.”

Stacy Lane is a staff reporter for La Voz. Contact her at [email protected]