Volunteer options for spring break2 min read

La Voz Staff

It’s about time to start planning for spring break.

Although some students might find their relaxation and party scene in Cancun, Florida, or Tahoe, others are taking up a new opportunity to make their spring breaks different and meaningful.

Traveling specialists, i-to-i, have organized many short-term trips for students to volunteer in countries such as Honduras and Costa Rica.

A series of trips have been arranged to fit any student’s spring break schedule, starting from Feb. 2 to April 2. A wide variety of places and opportunities are available for students, including Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras and Costa Rica.

The cost for these trips starts at $995, including food, accommodations, travel insurance and airport pick-up.

Fundraising advice is offered by i-to-i to help students pay the costs. I-to-i reaches around the world with offices in America, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Students will meet all types of people from around the world as well as make a difference in the places they visit.

During the trips, students will perform a wide range of services to help the country that they chose.

In Guatemala, they can do conservation work at Lake Atitlan as well as joining a zoo work experience program.

Costa Rica offers students the chance to build homes for the underprivileged and experience the Ecology and Sea Turtle Conservation program, as well as a chance to surf the Pacific coast.

Students who choose to visit Honduras will spend time at Le Tigra National Park to help protect wildlife and the water supply. They can also help build homes and schools in the poorest parts of the Western Highlands.

Ecuador offers students the rare chance of conservation work at the Galapagos Islands. Hikes will provide students an opportunity to explore the area and the animal and plant life.

These trips are designed for students who want to learn about different countries, nature, or to give something back to the world.

For those who cannot participate during spring break, registration is open year-round for trips during the fall, winter, and summer.

Besides trips, i-to-i provides online training for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, thus giving people the opportunity to travel overseas and share their language skills. According to i-to-i, everyone has skills to share with the world, and i-to-i offers the chance to act upon it.

For more information on the spring break opportunities, check out www.i-to-i.com/springbreak to learn about the trips and other projects available to students around the world.