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Drop day postponed

Jasmin Bodmer

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In wake of the recent power outages and the alleged bomb threat which caused a loss of class time for De Anza students, the Academic Senate last Monday presented a motion to move this quarter’s last day to drop from week seven to week eight.

Paul Chesler, vice president of the Academic Senate, initiated the motion, pointed out that it would “lessen student stress.”

The motion was swiftly confirmed by administration and takes immediate effect. Whether the switch to the eighth week for last day to drop will be permanent has yet to be decided.

Students at De Anza welcomed the idea of postponing the deadline for dropping a class by one week, and say that it’s a good idea. Students said that it gives them more time.

The Academic Senate will have a joint meeting with the Foothill Senate on Feb. 26 to discuss possible unification on certain college policies such as the last day to drop a class and the F/W grade for students, which is used to signify an F if a student fails to withdraw in time.

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