Transfer Day eye opening to most

Brenda Romero, Staff Writer

UCs, CSUs and private institutions answered prospective students questions at this year’s annual Transfer Day.

Students hear firsthand from nearly 60 representatives about what the requirements are for these schools, leaving some De Anza students feeling worried and some confident about transferring.

After speaking to UCLA and other representatives, Phong Tren, 20, administration major, was left feeling, “not so good,” about his GPA and the many requirements he still needs to accomplish before applying.

Most De Anza students fully focus their attention on their classes but forget to join clubs on campus or enrolling in extra curriculars.

UC and private institutions “look for a well-rounded student,” said Franko Valezquez, 19, engineering major. “When you don’t have a great GPA, you can still be in the running due to your accomplishments.”

Representatives also answered more in-depth questions about their individual colleges De Anza counselors might not know.

“Some of the answers that the representatives told me were things that the counselors here couldn’t answer,” said Laura Birrueta, 20, nursing major. “I feel more informed of what I still need to do in order to transfer.”

Before attending Transfer Day it is important to know which school you are interested in and why.

Even if you know what you are looking for, “pick up some brochures of any colleges that has your major, but isn’t as popular,” said Anagha Vinayak, 18, economics major. “You will be surprised by how good their programs are.”

The smaller private colleges might have the same programs as the state colleges, but are less competitive and have a higher acceptance rate.

Picking a school has many factors to look into. “I look at the environment mostly and I want to pick a place where I see myself living later on,” Birrueta said.

“I don’t want to go to a place that is too mainstream,” says Vinayak. “Something not normal, where I will have a good experience and be liberated.”

Something else to look for is if the school is accredited or known for your major. “You got to figure out if your degree will be worth something in the end,” said Velasquez.

Definitely take time and go to Transfer Day during your first year at De Anza. It can be an advantage to staying on track and getting out of De Anza quickly.

Going to Transfer Day can be reassurance for some or a wakeup call for others.