Mens soccer forecast


Albert Munante, 20 years old, nursing major, shoots to the goal on Sept. 27.

Audrey Marques, Sports Editor

Men’s soccer team start off strong with a record of 8-2-1, with about 70% freshmen on the team.

Coach Rusty Johnson is confident about this season “the best thing that have happened with us so far was losing. It made us realize what we have to improve as a team.” They are half way through the season, with big expectations to stay strong and healthy. Coach Rusty says the best of the season is yet to come.

Sophomore Albert Munante, 20, nursing major, says the team is looking solid with talented players in all the positions. “We just need players to stay healthy and fit, if we have that we’ll keep fine.” said Munante.

Brian Alvarez, 20 years old, kinesiology major, practices on Sept. 27.