Nice Buns! De Anza Burger Review-Mac Attack Burger


Brenna White, Staff Reporter

Despite its imposing name, the Mac Attack doesn’t so much attack, but half-heartedly prod you with its underwhelming execution.

As an avid mac and cheese fan, I had high hopes for this burger’s ambition. The bold fusion of macaroni and cheese, patty and bacon all housed under one bun is a commendable concept with potential.

Though the burger itself is very much palatable, the intended leading star is not. I had expected much more of the mac and cheese based on the burger’s namesake. It is disheartening to admit, but I think most would agree they could find more flavor in a box made mac and cheese, rather than what is in the Mac Attack. Worst of all, the mac and cheese comes noticeably colder compared to its preferably hot counterparts.

I suspect the mac and cheese is initially frozen which is forgivable, but the room temperature result is not. The burger would see immense improvement flavor wise if this flaw was resolved with more thorough heating.

The saving grace of the burger is the bacon which hides the faults of the mac and cheese, going unnoticed in my first few bites. Considering school cafeterias are notorious for mediocre bacon, I was astonished by the overall quality of this bacon. It is savory, thick and backed up by a satisfactory touch of smoke. It is just a shame its cheesy partner could not match its brazen character.

Overall, I would still advise people to give the burger a taste particularly if you have a hefty appetite. Just know that most of the legwork is owed to the bacon while the mac and cheese is just along for the ride. The Mac Attack meets its promise to be filling and dense, but ultimately falls flat in elevating its contents to their full potential.