Artificial intelligence advancements will soon outsmart society

Abel Tariku

One could say that there has been an artificial intelligence takeover during  the past two years, from the rise of ChatGPT to the resurgence of Snapchat with its brand new AI making it possible to interact with a machine that can take part in  basic conversations to being able to answer questions and even write essays . 

However, having access to these kinds of programming that can  answer any question you have, and eventually progress into doing anything for you, ultimately does more harm than good. Instead of developing as a learner which can make you grow as a person, you can simply ask a computer to solve everything.

For example, when students are assigned with an essay nowadays, they would rather get it done as soon as possible than think critically  about what to write or how to grow their writing skills 

As technology continues to advance, computers will have the capacity to complete any type of assignment, making the process of learning for the next couple of generations a potentially pointless endeavor .

Of course, this is not true for all people, but if the vast majority is swayed by the allure of AI and not able to learn on their own, how is society going to function? We live in a world where a lot of people have access to such advanced technology. The majority has a certain amount of power and if that vast majority of people would heavily rely on AI rather than use our imagination to create something new, then without it, we would collapse on ourselves.

Pixar’s “Wall-Eis a kids movie about a society where humans are living on a giant ship in outer space because Earth has become uninhabitable. However, every single human is obese, in a chair, face stuck to a screen and completely unaware of what’s going nor do they care. 

I bring this idea up because we are slowly but surely going to be living in a world where people will choose to live mindlessly and detached from reality. 

We’re currently in a state where our technology makes us become ignorant  about our schoolwork and the ability to think for ourselves, taking us out of a position to learn. Because of AI, , we can see how further advancements of technology in the future take away our human ability, causing us to ultimately devolve as an organism.

There is certainly a place for AI as it can help revolutionize our world, but I believe only certain groups of individuals should have access to that kind of technology. Giving such a great amount of power to the average consumer can shake the world only in a bad way.