Themed products and decorations add to the holiday experience


Source: Pixabay

Courtney McClain, Reporter

Although many think of holiday products as cliche and overrated, they add to the experience of the holiday season.

Both name brand companies and organizations push holiday themed products by revamping their style to fit the festive theme.

For example, every year, Starbucks drops a whole line of seasonal coffees, pastries and ornaments during the winter as each branch decorates their stores seasonally across the U.S.

Other companies add on different twists to their products as well, having different types of festive wrapping papers or bags, adding to the season. 

With the thought and worry of being overrated, it seems as if these types of traditions during the holidays aim for joy and pleasure.

However, these products are only one part of the season, and should be consumed in moderation with doing other things. To think that the season is just about buying things is a narrow vision to hold.

Giving back to your community, by volunteering at a food bank for example, is a great way to enjoy the season and make it not just about consumerism.

Often holiday products are seen as overrated based on the amount of time and money put into them, although when one focuses on the meaning of the products it seems pleasurable. 

Certain holiday redesigns have not stripped the value of these products, but instead bring on positive things like the appreciation the company has for the seasons. 

Aspects such as bright red colors put a spin on the holiday season, as everyone’s feelings differentiate based on one’s upbringing.

Others may argue that these festive products may be overwhelming due to the consistency of the product during this time of year, when in fact it can spice something up from what the company may usually offer. 

Overall, holiday products can be a bonus to many factors and feelings within the style of festive themes. If you look positively on the situation as a whole, who’s to say one can’t enjoy the little gifts like these.