Is Hollywood running out of original ideas?

Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter

It’s OK when Hollywood decides to take an old movie franchise and wrap a new layer around it, but that does not mean they’re out of new ideas.

What rebooting and remaking does for the industry is primarily raking in the big bucks or appealing to a new generation such as “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” did.

Rebooted franchises will appeal to the attention of the older generation as well, though the outcome tends to be negative because of fixed notions and nostalgia.

Let’s face it: it is rare for new directors to understand the core thoughts and details of old directors and their take on movies. New generations call for new and recent idealistic values and beliefs.

But we can’t blame them for trying something new, from a business standpoint it’s a smart strategy.

Hollywood takes old movie franchises and promise to stay faithful to the original, enticing the previous generation to watch.

Then those parents who bring their children along will introduce them to a beloved franchise and before you know it, Hollywood will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Just look at “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Transformers” and even Marvel’s own “Spiderman.”

Creating something new out of an old franchise comes with risks, and though it sometimes does not live up to the original, the story is retold in a unique visual experience.

Everyone’s opinions will be different towards a rebooted movie, so this equal risk and benefit is something everyone has to accept.

There is little reason to believe originality is fading as more new generation core ideas and values are being taken in and used for Hollywood.

Regardless of what critics say about Hollywood milking franchises, people will still be watching and the movies will keep on coming.