DASB Senate unanimously endorses measure G and H

Aliya Nupbay, Staff Reporter

DASB Senate unanimously passed the endorsement of the campaign for measure G and H, a Foothill-De Anza bond and parcel tax that seeks to improve the students’ and faculty’s experience at the college district.

If the measure is passed, $898 million will be allocated to the bond and $48 million will be allocated to the parcel tax.

Student trustee Genevieve Kolar, 20, liberal arts major, said that one of the main goals for the campaign would be exploring affordable housing options for students and faculty.

“It will help all of our staff and our professors to just survive too, because it really hard for them to live here too,” said Kolar.

A De Anza survey done last year revealed that 18% of De Anza’s population of students had experienced housing insecurity.

$200 to 300 million of the funds will be used for student and faculty housing with possible private and public partnerships for off-campus accommodations. The money will be allocated to hire more mental health counselors and update and build new facilities for both the students and faculty.

DASB Senate President Shelly Michael, 20, political science major, said that in order for the senate to endorse such a campaign they have to consider that everything they do will be benefiting the student body.

“We act on the behalf of the De Anza student body,” she said. “I think that this is definitely a campaign that will benefit the student body.”

The campaign is requesting a $19,000 donation from the De Anza Associated Student Body Senate and the Associated Students of Foothill College to ensure a successful campaign and increase chances of the measure passing.

Associated Students of Foothill College have already passed the endorsement and allocated the $19,000 from their budget for the preservation of the campaign.

The DASB financial committee will meet to discuss donating the whole $19,000, or consider other options.

“If this actually happens, we are looking at the largest bond and parcel tax measure in the history of the county for schools,” said Patrick Ahrens, Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees member. “We are looking at things that will directly influence and affect the students here at the campus.”

Supported by the FHDA Board of Trustees, measures G and H will be presented on the upcoming March ballot, where residents will be able to vote for the passing of the measure.