DASB senate endorses student leader compensation resolution

Resolution proposes to pay senators $930 and executives $1,200 per quarter

Mehek Kapur, Staff Reporter

DASB senate passed a resolution to request payments for student senators at their May 15 meeting.

The May 8 resolution proposed payments of $720 for senators and $1,200 for executives quarterly.

The endorsed resolution proposes maximum payments of $930 for senators and $1,200 for executives per quarter.

This is based off the future local minimum wage of $15 per hour. Student Trustee Genevieve Kolar presented a plan that showed the minimum hours that senators and executives would have to put in to receive the full stipend.

Senators should spend up to 62 hours and executives up to 80 hours per quarter working for DASB.

The hours are divided between senate meetings, shared governance meetings, committee meetings, office hours and field hours.

If a senator does not meet their necessary hours, they will not be paid the full stipend.

Kolar said measures of accountability will ensure that senators do their work.

“We want to provide fair and equal representation of students at every stage of the decision making process,” said Kolar.

“This is a wonderful way to pay all of you who are here to do the work,” said Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, director of college life. “It’s a retention mechanism as well and will help us recruit more students.”

Lawrence Su, DASB president, proposed a motion to create a DASB senate recognition award for students who represent De Anza College in various ways such as quiz bowls or in athletics. The DASB senate passed the motion.

“There are some folks out there who represent this school damn well,” said Su. “We as senators rep our school, but [they] rep our school in different ways.”