De Anza student on Foothill-De Anza board ousted, newly elected trustee replacement installed early

Abhiram Rishi Prattipati, Staff Reporter

Student trustee candidate and former La Voz editor-in-chief Genevieve Kolar is De Anza College’s new student trustee, winning the 2019-2020 elections with a 45 percent majority according to an email from Dennis Shannakian, College Life Office coordinator.

Kolar agreed to start her term a few months early because former student trustee Hayman C. Wong was removed from office.

“I am excited at the prospect of taking the term earlier because the current DASB senate is really supportive,” said Kolar.

The DASB senate removed Wong during its March 6 meeting. Two weeks prior, the senate had endorsed the Student Trustee Accountability Resolution, which ensures student trustees are held accountable of their duties and responsibilities.

In a phone interview with La Voz, Wong said she was removed for being under the eight-quarter-units requirement.

“Her duty as a student trustee, and serving as a good student trustee, was not there,” said Lawrence Su, chair of legislative affairs.

Wong said that although the role of student trustee was “hard to get the hang of,” she did the part she needed to do.

Wong said, “I have to admit that I am not as active as last year when I was still a senator in DASB.”