DASB elections Q&A: Student trustee

Maryam Golkar and Miles Voci

Max Chen, Genevieve Kolar, Jeff Lydon and Robert Andrade III are the candidates running for De Anza’s 2019-2020 Student Trustee. Lydon and Andrade could not be reached. Students can vote through MyPortal from March 4 – 8.

All interviews were conducted individually.

Q: Why do you think you are fit to be Student Trustee?

Max: [I am fit] because I’m really good at presentation. [When] my girlfriend campaigned for chair of finance, I trained her really well. And for three summers, I interned for a salesman assistant [position], and I have good persuading ability. Also, I have a lot of friends on campus – that’s why I want to be a student trustee. We have lots of things we have to improve at De Anza.

Genevieve: I think one of my greatest strengths is my familiarity with De Anza – its many groups, programs, services, strengths and weaknesses- and the administrative processes. I have a good idea of where student voices are needed most, and how we can improve representation… I’m passionate about equity and making sure every students’ needs are met. I value accountability for myself and for district leaders, and I am not afraid to stand up for students.

Q: What are your priorities as ST?

Max: First, I would like to improve Flint Center safety…I want to set up cameras [for] safety at the Flint Center so [all] late night parking and overnight parking [can] be in the Flint Center – we would need huge financial support from the board. Second is health problems. We used to have a HIV workshop at De Anza, but just few people came because people are shy to talk about [their] sex life. So, we have HIV testing machines now; we can also set up [additional] ones.

Genevieve: To ensure students get adequate representation, I’ll work with DASB senators and administration to conduct polls and collect feedback from students. We’ll brief DASB and governance committees frequently and publish all the survey info so everyone knows what students want and need. I will also do my best to make sure students know about issues that affect them, and opportunities that are relevant to them.

Q: What is your leadership and student government background?

Max: In high school, I was in the Chinese student government. I was responsible for all the activities for the international students who lived in the dorms. I was also an officer of an economic honor student society. I also have (a lot of) internship experience, like salesman and manager assistant (positions). I can learn skills from people just (being) nearby them.

Genevieve: I was Editor in Chief of La Voz last year, which gave me leadership experience and made me extremely familiar with the ins and outs of De Anza, DASB and the district. .. In high school I was on our class leadership council, ran clubs, was a mentor to other students.

Q: What will you do to ensure that De Anza gets representation in the board of trustee meetings?

Max: De Anza is a really good community college. Since we are (close) with Foothill College, and [being] excellent at presentation, I can show that De Anza can work with Foothill better – increasing the variety of the courses can help us work better.”

Genevieve: I’m running for student trustee because I’m frustrated with the fact that no one is asking students about their experiences and using that information to improve the schools. I promise to present feedback from students at every single meeting, to look into how every board issue will impact us, and to speak up on behalf of every student unapologetically. We’ve had a voice for a while, and it’s time to speak up.

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