Christian preacher visits campus, upsets students


Brenna White, Staff Reporter

A large crowd of De Anza College students gathered in the main quad to condemn the dogmatic words preached by a non-denominational group of Christians on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Heated exchanges occurred between the two groups while the Foothill-De Anza police department monitored the situation.

Backed with a banner warning “Hell awaits,” the three men took turns on top of a bench shouting over the appalled crowd.

This is one of many times this group has preached their contentious ideas to De Anza, according to various sources.

“Last year, it was right before my class and it was all I could think about. This is supposed to be a safe place for everyone and this disrupts the inclusive atmosphere of the campus,” said Nico Panopio, 19, graphic design major.

Panopio said one of the Christian extremists instructed him to denounce his own sexuality. This was one of many intense disputes that unfolded including vulgar descriptions of the LGBTQ community and prejudice comments against women and Muslims.


“This is successful to us. Students are going to remember this for the rest of the week,

— Preacher JK

One of the preachers who identified himself as only JK was pleased with the amount of attention his group received. “This is successful to us. Students are going to remember this for the rest of the week,” he said.

There was disagreement among students on which responsive action was appropriate. Many outraged students countered by diverting the attention away from the group’s negative message. But, some thought the group should have been ignored altogether.

“I think it’s best if people just keeping walking by,” said Panopio. “They want everyone’s attention, so they want a crowd.”

Annual visits will continue to occur in the future according to the extreme religious group. Sergeant Douglas Grant of the Foothill-De Anza police department said the group is within their rights. “As long as they don’t disrupt the peaceful operation of the campus. It’s the First Amendment,” he said.

“Even though they aren’t doing anything illegal,” said Jenny Ma, 20, graphic design major, “I wish that I could feel comfortable to be myself and he [preacher] can be himself.”