Susan Cheu, De Anza’s new Vice President of Finance1 min read

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Susan Cheu, De Anza’s new Vice President of Finance1 min read

Nang Hlaing, Staff Writer

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Susan Cheu was named vice president of finance and college operations for De Anza College effective Sept. 2.

Cheu is the chief finance and budget officer, responsible for budget and personnel, college operations, emergency preparedness, Measure C and E and sustainability such as the bookstores and the cafeteria, according to the De Anza’s website.

“At this point I am still learning about the school and figuring out how things are working and what is going on, that is really my focus,” Cheu said in an interview.

Letha Jeanpierre, former vice president of finance and college operations, said Cheu comes with a lot of experience. “All I have to do is to tell her things that are unique to De Anza,” she said.

Jeasnpierre and Cheu have worked together in the past.

“Working in the community college system shows me the change I can make in people’s lives. That is just so dramatic,” Cheu said.

Challenges await Cheu but said she is ready and excited to face them head on.

“I am really excited to be here, obviously it’s a much larger school than Gavilan is,” Cheu said. “Different things are going on here, different population emphasis.”

She also mentioned she was impressed by the energy of the students and faculty.

“There are wonderful and exciting things being done here.”

Before joining De Anza College, Cheu completed her postgraduate degree in accounting at SJSU. She served six years at Gavilan College first as the director of business services and then as interim chief financial officer.

As well, Cheu was a member of the college’s employee-employer relations committee and oversaw the financial resources portion of Gavilan’s most recent accreditation self-study.