DASB approves next year’s budget, new spending

Carla Arango, Staff Writer

During a meeting that lasted less than one hour, the DASB Senate unanimously approved the 2014-2015 DASB Budget on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Budget and finance committee chair Nupur Mehta explained that if senators wanted to make any changes, the final vote to approve the budget would be delayed until March.

“I’m hoping all of your questions were answered in the last two meetings,” she said.

The senate met for five hours last week.

The finance committee presented the budget without any questions from senators.

“These are the new programs, any questions?” Mehta said.

The senators remained quiet as Mehta continued to the next pages.

After the DASB senate reviewed the budget summary senator Thaddeus Jordan moved to approve the budget.

It was approved without any debate.

Senators also unanimously approved $4,000 for the DASB Bicycle Program to buy new supplies and $7,726 for the DASB Card Office to buy a third machine to produce DASB Cards and Eco Pass Clipper Cards.