Small grounds crew for campus upkeep1 min read


Edgar Godinez

Joe Cook, far right, and Reyes Hernandez, far left, move mats near De Anza’s athletics track.

Edgar Godinez, Freelancer

De Anza College, a campus that is 112 acres, has only four groundskeepers to maintain it.

Their duties include installing and fixing the irrigation, cutting grass, maintaining the fields, trimming trees. They also do extra work outside their jobs, if an object needs to get moved they get called to move it.

Groundskeeper Eduardo Mendes said, “Everything that goes on the floor is the grounds job to pick it up and clean.”

Reyes Hernandez, a groundskeeper at De Anza said the most difficult part of the job is juggling tasks, and as a result they aren’t able to complete everything.

Each worker is assigned approximately 28 acres. On top of working their area, if another crew member needs help or is sick, they also cover that area.

Although the groundskeepers didn’t say their areas are too large, they did say more personnel would help.

Due to recent budget cuts, the grounds crew lacks certain materials they said would facilitate their work and make it safer. They said they need tools, gloves, and respirator masks.

When asked how they keep the school clean and well maintained, Hernandez said, “Trabajando duro!” which translates to “Working hard!”