College quiet after DASB senate allegations2 min read

Nathan Mitchell, News Editor

De Anza College administrators have said little about the impact of a collection of allegations after it landed on the desks of La Voz, President of De Anza College Brian Murphy and the DASB senate assembly April 24.

Michele LeBleu-Burns, dean of EOPS and student development confirmed the existence of an investigation.

She said it was a matter between the college and the implicated students but did not comment further.

Daniel Kim, the senator who made the allegations, said he met with LeBleu-Burns Thursday at his request. He said he was upset after the meeting, but “I believe she’s at least trying.”

John Cognetta, director of college life and advisor to the DASB senate, would not comment.

The six-page packet alleged that specific members of the senate violated De Anza and district policies, including alcohol use on campus and sexual misconduct in the senate office.

Kim said the main reason for writing and distributing the packet was transparency.

“I don’t want them (the identified senators) to be expelled or something like that,” Kim said.

“If the administration chooses to, that’s their choice and I’m not going to disagree with it. But my intent wasn’t to get them (the senators) in the biggest disciplinary action possible.”

Kim said that most of his fellow senators have been distant but maintained professionalism.

“I think in a sense, we’re all working harder to cover our own selves, making sure we’re doing what we need to be doing, because all eyes are on us now.”

“Our business is still our business, and it’s taken care of in a professional manner,” said Ryan Royster, a DASB senator.

The senate has not officially addressed the allegations, Royster said.

“(They said) the people involved were getting investigated and they left it at that. They’re just trying to make the senate run smoothly.”