Gov. Brown’s proposed budget plan1 min read

Rachel Schemel

Gov. Jerry Brown announced on Jan. 10  a budget proposal adding $197 million to community colleges for
Brown proposed to expand online high-demand courses offered at four-year and community colleges and changing the basis for funding community colleges is from enrollment based to outcome-based.
Students would be limited to a 90-semester unit credit cap. All student over the limit would be charged full tuition. Adult education would be moved from K-12 schools to community colleges.
 “Enrollment‑based funding lacks incentives for the colleges to focus on critical outcomes – affordability, timely completion rates, and quality programs.”
Brown said in outlining the need for drastic change in the whole California school funding system.
 There are no concrete details yet. The proposal are mostly concepts and there is nothing to go on, said Becky Bartindale, De Anza College’s Coordinator of Communication and public affairs.
Bartindale said community college would be glad to support adult education, but only with adequate funds to support the programs.
“The district will not be able to take any positions until more information is available,” she said.  
“Nothing is final until the budget is passed, and we cannot rest easy,” wrote Brian Murphy, De Anza College President in the winter greeting e-mail on Jan. 11.