“It Chapter Two”: Lousy script underwhelms1 min read

Source: RottenTomatoes.com

Source: RottenTomatoes.com

Harleen Gill , Staff Reporter

“It: Chapter 2’ brings the Losers’ Club back together 27 years later, after the return of Pennywise who wreaked havoc in their hometown of Derry, Maine since they were children.

Having gone their separate ways, the childhood friends receive a phone call from Mike Hanlon (played by Chosen Jacobs as a child and Isaiah Mustafa present day) realizing that Pennywise had risen from his slumber. The Losers’ Club must face their fears once again to defeat the evil dancing clown  who has become more dangerous and deadlier than ever.

The actors themselves did a commendable job delivering the essence of their character regardless of the lousy script material they had to work with.

Nobody would have been able to capture the character of Pennywise better than Bill Skarsgård. He performed with ease and gave a lasting sinister impression the clown embodies.

A favorite character, Richie Tozier (Bill Hader), made the movie slightly bearable with his comedic timing in the utmost stressful situations.

The graphics of the movie were surprisingly not too shoddy and managed to look quite realistic, especially the gruesome facial details some of the creatures carried trying to hunt down the losers’ one by one.

The movie fails to entice a simple flinch from the audience. Not only was the horror element underwhelming, the climax was also quite stretched making you wish you could fast forward through some scenes.

The movie is more so a poorly written comedic mystery than a horror or thriller film.

The movie also failed to properly address the love triangle between three characters causing their storyline to end with no closure.

All in all, “It” was a yawn fest.

⭐ half star