A quad serves as a home for art students


Reva Shah

Veronica River Harris, 25, psychology major, works on mixing colors outside the A quad for her final project.

Reva Shah

The La Voz Spotlight shines on De Anza College’s A Quad where ceramics students are working on their final projects for the winter quarter.

Veronica River Harris, 25, psychology major, is taking beginner ceramics. 

“I took this as it is a prerequisite for some of the more fun classes,” River Harris said. “I’ve always wanted to do handbuilding, which I’ll get into next quarter.”

Christine Barragan, 18, business major, is working on a tile project in beginner ceramics. 

“I’m currently working on 4×4 tiles. We’re supposed to do four different styles,” Barragan said. “I’m currently doing the Michima style, which is when you have to carve out a design on the clay and then fill it with slip, flood it, wait for it to dry and then you start scraping off the paint to reveal the design.” 

Pierre Grubb’s final project was a little different as he is in the intermediate wheel throwing class. 

“Essentially, I made one large piece,” Grubb said. “It’s a double-walled blue cylindrical piece, which within the two walls is meant to hold a series of much smaller cups.” 

All three art students said they have gained new insights from their courses this quarter.

River Harris was surprised by the different processes involved in art. 

“It’s more chemistry than I was expecting it to be,” River Harris said. “(It’s) within the composition and different methods but also the exact firing methods.”

Barragan mentioned how ceramics can take up a lot of time, making it difficult to work under a tight deadline.

“It can be really time consuming – I look up and it’s already 10 minutes gone by and then 30 minutes,” Barragan said.

Grubb compared ceramics to his graphic design class, explaining how in graphic design there is often more control.

“When it comes to ceramics you have less control, especially if you’re doing things like Raku firing and working with a certain type of glaze,” Grubb said. 

Apart from ceramics, De Anza’s art department offers a wide variety of classes including drawing, painting and graphic design, allowing for students with many interests to find their passion in the A quad.