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Ceramics: Award-winning artist finds element

Veronica Felix, 44, ceramics major, molds clay into a soccer ball.

Jamie Lamping, Web Editor

June 5, 2019

A young Veronica Felix was not going to let the loud, chanting crowds of a political demonstration stop her from going to school. She would find another way, or ask someone to guide her. Nor was she going to let frequent power outages stop her from doing her homework. If she had no flashlight, sh...

Ceramic department sells student and faculty made pottery

An assortment of handmade cups line the ceramics table in the Campus Center on Dec. 5.

Yami Sun, Staff Reporter

December 17, 2018

De Anza College’s ceramics department sold student and faculty pottery in the Campus Center during the week of Dec. 3 “It's not about creativity for me," ceramics instructor, Rocky Lewycky, said. "It is a little bit, but it's more like I want to raise money for scholarships.” “My goal is to sell pieces to supp...

Ceramics artist in action

Ceramics artist in action

Brenda Romero, Staff Writer

November 12, 2014

Benjamin Carter, a ceramic artist, visited De Anza College on Thursday, Oct. 30 as part of an ongoing artist lecture series. Carter, who lives in Santa Cruz, is a pet sitter, has his own podcast and is a ceramic artist who makes functional objects. Students and instructors watched Carter make pots...