Ceramic department sells student and faculty made pottery


Yami Sun

An assortment of handmade cups line the ceramics table in the Campus Center on Dec. 5.

Yami Sun, Staff Reporter

De Anza College’s ceramics department sold student and faculty pottery in the Campus Center during the week of Dec. 3

“It’s not about creativity for me,” ceramics instructor, Rocky Lewycky, said. “It is a little bit, but it’s more like I want to raise money for scholarships.”

“My goal is to sell pieces to support workshops, in which case, they can then get ideas for whatever they want,” said Lewycky

90 percent of the pottery made by the students were functional , while the other 10 percent were just for decoration. This year, Lewychy and his students used sparkle and glitter micas into pieces such as ‘Raku’.

Alyssa Takhashi, psychology and buisness major, was one of the many students who stopped by the ceramics table. “I love things with character and charm,” Takhashi said. “ There’s a wide range of things to buy. Pretty high skilled level, it’s very affordable and it’s good gifts. I love art that creates a dialogue or conversation,”

“I come every year and I buy gifts for people and I buy gifts for myself, said Joann Andrushko, another customer, who bought five pieces to use as Christmas gifts. “I like to have extra gifts on hand in case I need to give somebody something. This is a wonderful place to buy handmade stuff” Andrushko said.

“As pottery makers, the most important thing you can learn is non-attachment” Lewycky said, “If you can navigate life with a sense of a little bit of non-attachment, then you can create a lot more space in your heart and be more happy as a human being.”