De Anza College professors weigh in on Trump leaving presidential office


Source: Wikimedia Commons

De Anza College professors weigh in on President Donald Trump’s future leave from presidential office.

Sam Lai, Staff Reporter

De Anza College professors believe that President Donald Trump needs to face legal repercussions for his actions as president, as he faces criminal investigations and mounting debt after he leaves office.

Robert Stockwell, political science professor, said that he thinks Trump is responsible for “a long line of criminal abuses.” 

“He’s most definitely engaged in tax fraud,” Stockwell said. “He’s most definitely engaged in all kinds of illegal business practices in New York. And I’m certain he has done the same elsewhere.” 

Stockwell said that although Trump needs to be held accountable, he is unsure about the outcome of the investigations. 

Gregory Druehl, political science professor, also said that it is difficult to prosecute a former president. 

“I think that we’ve seen that in the past with Richard Nixon,” he said. “Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after he left office, even though there was clear evidence that Nixon probably committed several crimes that he could have been prosecuted for.” 

Stockwell said that, if Trump is not held accountable, he could become president again.

“I think there’s a chance he could come back,” Stockwell said. “He’s a master manipulator.” 

This possibility is made more likely by Trump’s inclination to lead. Mark Healy, a psychology professor, said Trump has a personality that compels him to do so.

“He is not a rare kind of leader,” he said. “People like him are natural leaders in that they want to be a boss, or they want to be on stage.” 

But Healy said that, because of Trump’s narcissism, he may reject the party that launched him into power — the Republicans. 

“Trump may think ‘well, I’m done with these people,” Healy said. “‘They don’t love me unconditionally anymore, so I don’t love them,’ which is a very narcissistic thing to do.”

Druehl said that he thinks Donald Trump will have few loyal followers in the White House, since Joe Biden will hire new people once he becomes the president.

“They are looking for a new job,” he said. “People are abandoning the sinking ship.”