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De Anza College professors weigh in on President Donald Trump's future leave from presidential office.

De Anza College professors weigh in on Trump leaving presidential office

Sam Lai, Staff Reporter | November 24, 2020

De Anza College professors believe that President Donald Trump needs to face legal repercussions for his actions as president, as he faces criminal investigations and mounting debt after he leaves office. Robert...

Around 42% of students respondents reported that they did not want to watch the last round of presidential debates, with only 12.5% of student watchers reporting they enjoyed the debate.

Presidential debate cycle falls flat for De Anza College students

Courtney Guetschow, Reporter | October 25, 2020
For the final round of presidential debates, a De Anza College Reddit community poll, conducted by La Voz, was taken gauging student interest and thoughts about the debate.
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