OFF CAMPUS HANGOUT: Santana Row; great ambiance

Samantha Jill UyBico, Staff Writer

Santana Row in San Jose is the ultimate upscale hangout spot of the South Bay with a variety of shops and restaurants and an overall well-kept outdoor ambiance.

Located just across Stevens Creek Boulevard from Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Mall, Santana Row seems almost redundant, but the big difference is that Santana Row offers an outdoor shopping experience reserved for those with refined taste and a penchant for fresh air.

Students can find comfort in new study spots at the coffee shops and bakeries that reside in Santana Row. Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks, Cocola Bakery and Fantasia are just the beginning of a list of quaint, clean spots where students can unwind while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee.

For those who are looking for an elegant dinner experience for their next date, Santana Row is definitely the part of town that will end the search. There is a plethora of fancier spots in the small neighborhood of Santana Row.

Straits is a popular Singapore/Chinese themed restaurant that has a firm grasp on the 21 and over demographic. Here, you can find a social environment paired with not-so-fancy prices.

Santana Row seems like it can be on the pricier side, especially for students, but you can find some great deals offered by many of the establishments. “Happy Hour” is a popular term among businesses on the Row.

Amber India, which (surprise) serves Indian cuisine, has an amazing happy hour every day of the week from 5-7 p.m. in the lounge area, where you can order appetizers for a mere $5 a plate.

To top it off, Santana Row has a movie theater with a very appealing layout that’s sure to set a good mood for you and your date.

The Cinearts Century Theaters sits on its own independent block of Santana Row with a convenient parking lot right next to it.

In fact, parking isn’t at all hard to find at Santana Row: nearby parking lots and parking structures that can be found throughout the area.

Although Santana Row is better known for its elegance and price, younger folks can find opportunities to kick back and enjoy the scenery. The Row is one of the few areas in the South Bay where you just might see your dream sports car drive right by, but without feeling like you don’t belong.