Movie Review: “Interstellar” first Oscar nomination for 2014?


Adrian Discipulo, Staff Writer

Director Christopher Nolan delivers yet another dark and thrilling movie as he shoots his audience through space in his new sci-fi epic “Interstellar.”

Set in the near future, “Interstellar” shows a world that has gone through a major drought, causing widespread famine. With the extinction of the human race eminent, former NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) embarks on an expedition into deep space with a crew of scientists in search of a habitable planet.

As they travel further into space, things don’t go quite as planned, and we quickly begin to see just how far humans will go to save the ones they love.

“Interstellar” is a new step for Nolan as his first science fiction film, and maintains very real human struggles while tying it together with complex scientific problems and space exploration.

The story line during the beginning of the film is slightly convoluted, and for much of the intro the story appears unclear. Nolan makes up for this in the amount of detail he tucks away in the film as an explanation for much of what’s going on as the story progresses.

Nolan rounded up an exceptional cast who work well together on screen, especially considering they are the only ones on screen for much of the film. Anne Hathaway plays Brand; David Gyasi plays Romilly; and Michael Caine plays Professor Brand. There are a few surprise cameo appearances by other A-list actors later in the film.

The cinematography was intense, akin to the visuals of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: Space Odyssey” and Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity.” The long, quiet shots of planets and space immerse the audience in the vast beauty of the universe.

Coupled with famed composer Hans Zimmer, who has collaborated with Nolan on five previous films, the soundtrack produces its own emotions in viewers, further immersing them in the experience of space travel.

With a run time of nearly threehours and some in-depth science behind it, “Interstellar” is certainly a movie to sit down and experience.