De Anza College offers free flu vaccines

Bhuvaneshwari Natarajan, Staff Reporter

De Anza Health Services hosted a free flu vaccine clinic for students and faculty, with around 300 students receiving the vaccine.

The clinic was organized over a span of four days on Oct. 16 and 17 and Oct. 23 and 24, with an aim of preventing students from getting the virus this flu season.

According to the Wall Street Journal, scientists are urging that Americans get vaccinated by the end of the month because the flu strain H3N2 is expected to be stronger and more likely to lead to deaths related to the flu.

In order to receive the vaccine, students needed to sign a consent form, an information sheet and patient registration form.

The flu shots were given by seven professional nurses and seven De Anza College nursing students.

Fredrick Fernandez, 51, nursing major, was one of the nursing students who volunteered at the clinic. He said that he volunteered to give flu shots to students to gain experience and earn extra credit.

According to Mary Sullivan, the director of health education and services, flu vaccines originally cost $100, but De Anza gets them for $17, which allows students to get them for free.

“The idea is that students protect themselves and their loved ones,” she said.

Students participated to build up immunization against the virus.

“I am getting flu shots because my doctor recommends it,” Kenneth Janssen, 48, computer science major said.

The service is offered once a year during the fall quarter.

After the free flu clinic, students can make an appointment or walk into the Health Services office to get the free flu shot.