Silicon Valley Read presents “Women Making it Happen” at Euphrat Museum of Art


Lauren Locquiao

Panel of the two of four Alpha Girls, Sonja Hoel Perkins and Mary Jane Elmore with Author Julian Guthrie and Moderator Sal Pizarro audience Q&A

Lauren Locquiao, Staff Reporter

Silicon Valley Reads 2020 presented their theme “Women Making it Happen” at the Euphrat Museum of Art on Jan. 23, in conjunction with the opening of Euphrat’s winter exhibit, “Women Pathmakers. 

They brought out the author of the novel “Alpha Girls,” Julian Guthrie, alongside two out of four Alpha Girls, to speak about their experiences and give inspiration to those in attendance, young and old alike.

One of the women in attendance was Charmon Asby, 70. 

“They’re doing things for young women who need those examples,” said Asby. “It’s kind of inspiring me cause I’m retired and now I want to go and find out about this foster girl program to see what I can do.”

After the panel, there was a chance for book signings, more questions, and picture opportunities with Guthrie.

“It makes you realize how limited women’s opportunities have been and how little recognition they got for what they contributed. Some of these are just heartbreaking,” said Asby. 

Another artist, Jennifer Myhre, sociology professor, showcases something a little different. 

Her piece, “Suffrage Tea Party,” is an interactive, domestic space almost hidden in the museum. 

For the progression of feminism today, Myhre said, “There’s a lot of work to be done still. We totally need political rights to make those other things possible.”

She offered cookies and prepared a kettle for tea. She initiated conversations with various attendees. 

As people trickled out towards the end of the event, some stayed behind to look at the artwork featured in the Euphrat’s exhibit, “Women Pathmakers,” one more time before it was time to head home. 

“I can go on and on. I really love these ceramic pieces. I wanted when people walked in, I wanted them to see a bigger than life woman,” Diana Argabrite, Museum Programs Coordinator, said.

She referred to “What a Fantasy World” by Wanxin Zhang, the piece featured at the entrance of the exhibit.

The “Women Pathmakers” exhibit will run through the Winter 2020 quarter, free to all De Anza College students.

Gunthrie’s novel, “Alpha Girls,” is available for purchase on Amazon and Penguin Random House.