Bad Bunny releases “6 Rings” single dedicated to Kobe Bryant

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Ruby Veloz, Staff Reporter

Bad Bunny released a heartfelt and moving song titled “6 Rings” as his tribute to Kobe Bryant after the news of his untimely and sudden death shocked the sports world.

The singer released the song on Jan. 28, two days after Bryant’s death. The song was released on Soundcloud and can be found under the singer’s username, San Benito.

From the heavy introduction, it is clear the singer lost one of his biggest idols. The heartbreak is palpable from the very first verse of the song.

He praises Bryant throughout the first verses and a lyric in the middle of the song reveals the explanation of the song title.

Y felicidades, tú también ganaste seis sortija’. Cinco en la NBA y un matrimonio que te dio tus hija’,” Bunny sings on the track. The lyric translates to, “And congratulations, you also won six rings. Five with the NBA and a marriage that gave you your daughters.” 

The song begins with a sampled clip of one of Bryant’s most prolific NBA games played against the Toronto Raptors in 2006, in which he single-handedly scored 81 points. 

As the crowd in the sample begins to cheer the sound fades into a heavy 808 drum beat that could easily be mistaken for a Drake song.

Bunny opens the song with very vulnerable lyrics singing, “A veces me pregunto si hago bien en respetar los mandamiento’ Y, ¿dónde estará Dios metío’ en estos momento?”

The lyric translates to, “Sometimes I ask myself if I’m doing good by respecting the commandments. And, where is God in these moments?”

As the slow and steady beat remains, Bunny goes into the second verse with his signature style by speeding up his flow, comparing the uncertainty of mortality we face in life to the opening and closing of a book. 

If these lyrics weren’t already making me emotional Bunny goes on to say it kills him thinking that Bryant’s daughter, Gianna Byrant, died along with him. Bunny comes to his conclusion and sings that it had to be both of them so Bryant would not have to play alone in heaven.

Bad Bunny’s song beautifully captures the mourning spirit so many of us fans are in. I know what song I’ll keep on a loop this month, and recommend that any Kobe fan stream “6 Rings.”

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