Caffe Frascati: a place for coffee and comedy 


Kassandra Zeledon

Comedian “Mean Dave” preforming at Caffe Frascati

Kassandra Zeledon, Staff Reporter

A coffee shop serves as a college student’s place to study, but on Wednesday nights, Caffe Frascati’s comedy nights pack aspiring comedians, college students, and adults for a night of laughs.

Every Wednesday night from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Caffe Frascati hosts their open mic for comedy night. 

“Caffe Frascati is unique because it allows all ages to come inside and do stand up or enjoy the show,” Jorge Martinez Sanchez, manager of Caffe Frascati, said.

Plenty of comedians went up to perform their routines, making it a packed show.

Most of the jokes are explicit, so bringing your little siblings to comedy night may not be the best idea.

A few more well-known comedians performed as well, including Sammy Obeid, who has performed on shows like “Conan.”

Even though there were many artists, the crowd needed to get warmed up. So for a while, the crowd wasn’t as receptive to a couple the performers, but all in all the crowd enjoyed the mature jokes more than the PG ones.

Another joke which got good amount of laughs came from Raj Rena, another performer. “It’s okay to not laugh at my jokes. I sense a lot of white guilt in here,” said Rena. 

The layout of Caffe Frascati is small but ideal. 

Along with the jokes, you also can take a look at the menu and see that the cafe offers a variety of coffee beverages, pastries and salads. Anyone 21 years old and over crowd can order alcohol to enjoy as well. 

The first floor has tables to be surrounded by the comedians which take the stage. If you prefer a bit of privacy, the upstairs has a couch and table by the edge to look down.

The ages of comedians range from 18 years old up to over 40 years old.

“On average we get about thirty performers every Wednesday, all who do great five-minute acts, it really is a great place to stop by especially to see local talent,” said Sanchez.

If you are ever bored on a Wednesday night with no plans, Caffe Frascati might be the next place you and your friends need to see. 

You get a free show, support local comedians and sign up to perform your own comedy routine as well.