‘Aladdin’ live action adaptation is musically thrilling but lacking

Lianna Martinez, Staff Reporter

Via IMBd.com

The live-action rendition of “Aladdin” is one of Disney’s best attempts to create something family friendly, entertaining and accurate to its source material.

“Aladdin” delivers a comical tale of banned love, where peasant Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine in his hometown of Agrabah. They fall in love despite Aladdin’s reputation for being a thief.  

Guy Ritchie, director of “Sherlock Holmes” and “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” brings laughs and fun for families with members of all ages.

The original animated film, released by Disney in 1992, is nostalgic and memorable, and this rendition successfully captures that nostalgia with the right actors and settings.

Will Smith, who fans criticized for being unfit for the role, plays the comical Genie. Despite backlash, Smith transforms the character with a new personality that is fitting enough.

When Smith sings “Never Had a Friend Like Me,” he delivers on nostalgia with a fresh and hilarious performance that perfectly suits the character.

The film displays amazing color and spectacular computer generated animation. However, most of the songs are unchanged, making them unoriginal.

The film felt like a cliche musical, and there should have been a factor that adds more depth to the songs to make them more inspiring.

“Aladdin” provides family fun for new fans and those who have seen the 1992 film, but it fails to be truly original.