‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ shatters expectations with its riveting story and animation


Hwan Lee, Impulse Editor

With its seamless spectacular animation and plot, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” is an absolute thrill that delivers a flawless visual experience unlike any other animated action film, fit for both anime fans and newcomers to the series.

Even though the theater I experienced the movie in offered poor audio quality, it barely detracted from the exhilaration of the entire film. Its amazing soundtrack delivers that exact feeling of somber tenseness, or its hyperactiveness during fist-to-fist combat sequences when it truly needs to.

I actually felt emotional and cried from the first twenty minutes because it was so perfect.

The premise of the movie introduces the titular villain known as Broly, as he is forcefully sent to Earth with his father in order to enact revenge on the people who ruined his father’s life. After being exiled and controlled by his father while living in a harsh planet for years in the past, you actually sympathize and connect with Broly’s rage, making him not seem like a villain at all.

Broly is faced off with the supreme fighters Goku and Vegeta, and despite its finale involving myriads of fighting sequences, Broly ultimately fights with himself to discover how it means to live a proper life, rather than with his cruel father.

Whether the plot or premise of the movie may seem confusing to newcomers, the action sequences involving the fights from both Goku, Vegeta and Broly were absolutely mind boggling and its best selling point. The final battle involving a merged form of Goku and Vegeta known as ‘Gogeta’ facing against Broly was so visually pleasing, it literally shattered time in the movie itself with its intense power.

The colors, special effects and smoothness of the fist combat and beautiful transformations made everyone in the theater cheer for its remarkable detail, along with its excellent sound design with each punch or kick delivered.

While the film had its memorable moments, it wasn’t perfect. There were too many plot jumps and time skips that made the film struggle with its pacing. But despite this minor drawback, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” is a must-watch for lovers of the franchise, or even for those who seek an explosive and memorable action kick.