Nice Buns! Special edition- The Habit Original Charburger

Mayer Adelberg, Staff Reporter

A juicy first bite, a crunchy bun and enticing flavors are just three amazing features of The Habit’s Original Charburger, something I can’t recommend enough.

For the nine minutes between ordering, to my order being up, I anxiously waited for the first bite and the consequential wonderful sensation forcing my tastebuds to have a party. It simply is one of the greatest burgers you can order for under ten dollars.

Let’s start from the top: a crunchy, beautiful sesame bun with a perfect sesame-to-bread ratio bringing the burger together. Inside, the burger is packed and rarely has lettuce or any other item fall out of it which is impressive to find in such a quickly made burger, but is much appreciated.

I love that the burger is both sweet and savory. The way it melts in your mouth, thanks to the caramelized onions, is unique to this specific burger. These onions are without a doubt the most flavorful and intriguing ingredient in the Charburger.

The burger itself is of regular quality. Cooked to about medium-well while maintaining most flavor, it is a higher standard than your classic fast food restaurant, but of a lower standard than a higher quality burger.

That said, it works together with the rest of the ingredients to form a complete burger making it well worth it. It also comes with a drink and fries, so that’s always a benefit.

This installment of Nice Buns orignally appeared in our Nov. 5 print issue of La Voz. If you want to read our review on  The Counter before it hits the web, pick up a copy of our Dec. 3 issue.