DASB discusses changes to office policy

The DASB senate discussed changes to their office policy on May 23, with  office policy proposals to restrict access to the senate office  met with criticism by former senators.

Chair of Administration Royce Gunawan, 18 business economics major, presented changes made to the senate office.

The new policy proposals stated former senators can be in the room but they can’t bring guests, senate interns need to be accompanied by a senator, items placed in the office require approval from the Administration Committee and foreign objects would be sent to the lost and found and disposed of, if not claimed in a week.

These rules are to keep the senate office clean, Gunawan said.

Former Student Trustee on the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees Elias Kamal, 20, political science major, said he understood the senate’s concerns about cleanliness, but called the rules “exclusive and elitist.”

Former senator Raphael Villagracia said the senate should take steps to inform guests about office policies rather than kicking them out.

“The public should be allowed to use the space [senate office] and resources,” Villagracia said. “Many of you [DASB senators] are in the seat you are in because you were welcomed.”

Gunawan also presented changes made to the DASB election codes.

Some of the proposed changes include requiring the elections committee to organize a DASB election debate, requiring candidates to be in the same coalition to campaign together, have each coalition submit one expense report and making the Legislative Affairs Officer an elected position.

A vote to reimburse the women’s softball team for expenses in meals was passed. Rainy weather last year led to the women’s softball team having a disproportionate number of home games, Athletic Director Kulwant Singh said. The team made up for that by having a lot of away games this year, resulting in going over their budget by $526.

The senate approved their first vote for the reimbursement 18-0, with four abstentions.