Entrepreneurs find a new use for social media

Dennise Delgado

With the popularity of social media, small fashion businesses are able to gain attention, followers and customers more easily than ever before. 

Young entrepreneurs can showcase their creative, unique clothing and profit from those who use their product to elevate their own style. 

Leonardo Garcia, 18, marketing major, has his own lifestyle brand called “LGR Studios.” Garcia has a signature “Spread the Love” message displayed on his pieces and he hopes his efforts and energy are translated through his clothing.

“I’m really trying to motivate and show people that you can do anything you want,” Garcia said. “I want to bring people together (and) not just have a meaningless design. I wanted something people want to rock.”

Managing a business while being a full-time student poses its challenges, but owners like Garcia believe what is most important is “determination, work ethic and staying focused.”

Startup clothing brands are often full of one-of-a-kind pieces which are often more appealing compared to those in stores, where there is a good chance that multiple people could be wearing the same item. 

However, Alexandriya Kalimagambetova, 17, business major, buys clothing from social media brands and is aware of the downsides to this method of shopping. 

“There are negative aspects to purchasing from smaller businesses via Tik Tok or Instagram,” Kalimagambetova said. “(There are) fake brands who might not even ship an item at all. You just have to be cautious.”

David Cortez, 18, business major, is also a customer of social media clothing brands and said these small businesses appeal to his sense of style more than mainstream brands and stores.

“Skateboarding brands (on social media) definitely cater to my sense of style,” Cortez said. “I frequently shop from some favorite social media brands at least twice a month, obviously when they have a new drop coming out.” 

Already gaining the attention of the fashion industry, social media is an up-and-coming outlet that creates more opportunities for young entrepreneurs.  Given the amount of social media fashion brands ran by full-time students, Garcia ensures anyone can start their own clothing line. 

“You don’t have to come from money or come from a certain background to be successful,” Garcia said. “You could really make something out of nothing.”