Euphrat provides an inclusive platform. Singing, rapping, poetry among art-covered walls.


Shaun Chatrath, Staff Reporter

Poetry, hip-hop and acappella echoed among the “Justice for All?” art exhibits in the Euphrat for the first Thursday Open Mic Night on Feb. 2.

“Everyone has their own story,” said co-host Tyrone “emcee Black Jesus” Powell. “Here we don’t tell anyone that they cannot share their story,” Powell said.

De Anza Political Science graduate Freddy “Punches” Flores co-hosted with Powell. They collaborated on several verses to a loud audience applause.

Chauncey Frost, animation and illustration major, performed two songs, an original lyrical and Christina Aguilera’s “Guy What Takes His Time.”

Andrew Gentile, film major, attended and performed for the first time at the event. He delivered two poems “I’m a Hero” and “Russian River.” Gentile said his motivation was that he wanted to meet people. At the end of his performance, audience members gave him high fives and handshakes.

“What brought me here was to get involved with community here at De Anza and see the creative aspect of this area,” first time attendee Andy Chau, psychology major said.

Chau was accompanied by his two friends Jose Morales, computer science major, and Jordan Corington.

Morales said it was interesting to see how “every person expresses their opinion in different ways.”

Anita Emana, a former De Anza student, is a regular of Open Mic. She said it was good to be around others who shared the same interests, and that the attendees were very inclusive.

Diana Argabrite, Euphrat Museum of Art Director, said the goal of the event was bringing together the visual, performing and literary art.

Open Mic Night’s takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. every first Thursday of the month. The next event will be held on March 2. The event encourages anyone involved with De Anza to let their voice out.