APP REVIEW: “Heylets” daring and unique

Samantha Lopez, Staff Writer

“Heylets” is an Android and iPhone application designed to spur adventures, a night out or simply encourage a new restaurant. “Heylets” is being used by thousands of friends, bloggers and people who love discovering new places and building memories.

The best attributes of the app are that starting is easy and there is no need for lengthy tedious account setups.

Once “Heylets” is downloaded on your phone, you’ll be prompted to pick your interests. Offering more than 45 interests in five different categories, it varies from travel and sightseeing, to dining out and nightlife. No matter the occasion, it is the perfect social guide for all ages and style.

So what makes this app unique or different?

It’s a social guide built on your personal preferences and interests. A profile can be created in which you are able to follow others and be followed. When browsing, users can specifically search for keywords or view suggested recommendations.

Taking new recommendations on food can be difficult, especially if you’re not very fond of trying new things. That’s where “Heylets” comes in handy – not only do you get a star rating on the place, but you also get a visual.

This app allows users to upload a photo of themselves out for a night on the town along with a short message, which is then posted for others to view as an “Experience.” Providing personal experiences, users encourage each other with positive memories rather than negative comments.

Like any other new app, “HeyLets” does have technical malfunctions. For instance the app will crash, forcing you to reload, a common problem with most applications but nothing that can’t be fixed with time.

Since it’s based on your location and interests, users are local and the reviews are limited, but the more people who join, the more experiences you will be suggested. This app can only get bigger and better.

“Heylets” is available for free in the App Store.