Good food near campus


Mary-Whillow Hawley

People waiting in line to get that much needed caffeine boost at Philz Coffee in Cupertino.

Kavin Mistry, Staff Writer

For all the students who want more diverse options for food and places to hang out besides what is offered at De Anza, Cupertino has a lot to offer near campus. Most of the easily accessible grub spots are located in the Oaks Shopping Center, which is a mere 5 minute walk from De Anza.

One of the more popular places for students is Togo’s, which provides good, quick food at a decent price. De Anza students can receive a discount when they present their ID card which gets them a 6-inch sandwich, chips and a drink for only $6.50.

Quickly’s and Coffee Society are also located in The Oaks Shopping Center. Quickly’s is a fast, cheap food option for anyone in a hurry, and it is hard to beat $2.50 for a medium bubble tea with pearls.

Coffee Society is a great place to hang out and meet up with friends. A very open place that provides a friendly environment for students trying to get off campus. Also, when you show your De Anza ID card you receive 10% off any
cash purchase.

Right across the street, on Stelling road, Ike’s Lair is a popular sandwich place that quickly provides great value for your dollar. Your De Anza ID card also allows you to obtain a free soda when you purchase a sandwich.

Next to Ike’s is Panda Express, where you can pick up a tasty meal fast before heading back to De Anza.

For students who have longer breaks, Pizza My Heart is a quick drive down to the corner of Stevens Creek and De Anza Blvd at the Cupertino Crossroads Shopping Center. Here, you can get a frequent muncher’s card that gives you the chance to get free drinks and pizza.

In the same plaza, Philz Coffee is another good hangout spot as an alternative to Coffee Society. Philz Coffee offers interesting and different drinks to try, such as Turkish coffee and mint mojito iced coffee, options not available at any other coffee shop.

There is a huge variety of food locations that are tasty, easy and fast to reach on break, no matter what the craving.