Scholarship applications due soon

Help available


Leticia Castro, Staff Reporter

Scholarships can be the answer to many students’ financial questions involving tuition, class fees, and jobs.

Scholarships are available for students of every background.

On the De Anza College scholarship website, there are 112 to choose from, including some that apply to specific demographics.

“I’ve always heard more about financial aid and not much about scholarships. I’m going to look into this later,” Ryan Pinon, 19, administrative of justice major.

Winter quarter deadlines for scholarship applications occur in mid-February. Winners will be notified and paid by mid-May.

Scholarships have varying criteria. Not all applicants need to have a high grade point average, or be an all-star athlete. Scholarships are suited to many demographics, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Many scholarships start at $500, and the awards go up depending on the scholarship.

Scholarship categories include community engagement, specialty, transfer, academic achievement, workforce, and major.

“I didn’t know there was so many scholarships; I’m really going to look into some that I can apply for,” said Sierra Vaughn, 18, communications major.

For more information on updates and deadlines for scholarships, students can visit the De Anza financial aid page under the scholarship sections.

By clicking “Join the Scholarship listserv,” students can enter their emails to receive more information on scholarships.